Katy Allen: Media (Part 2)

The Idol's wife have dream of her own --- by: Tammy Keith (Arkansas Life)
Katy Allen seems to have it all. The-23-years-old is pretty and petite - 5 foot 4 with impossibly hair. She talented (she's acts), athletic (she was cheerleader and swimmer) and smart (all A's in collage). She was homecoming queen, for crying out loud. And she got the guy who just happen to be American Idol. Katy is the outgoing, focused wife and high school sweetheart of the quieter laid-back Kris Allen, 24, who won the eighth season of the popular television show.

She kind of woman who could inspire jealousy in other woman, except she just so darn nice. Friend, Heather Clarke, who has known Katy since fourth grade explain it. "You want to hate her, but you can't. I always said she was the girl who could do everything ... but she's the sweetest thing, and she's not conceited at all"

Exhibit A: She thanks everyone on the photo shoot repeatedly, hugs some goodbye, ask for an address so she can send the make up artist a thank-you note and apologizes for taking so long --- which she didn't. Part of it come from her upbringing. As southerners say "she was raised right"

Katy Allen: Media (Part 1)

Katy Allen, The High School Sweetheart  

Homecoming Queen and the "coolest chick on the planet," according to Kris
Inviting Arkansas Magazine

Katy Allen: Interview with KAAddicts

Our Q&A with Katy Allen!
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After a very long wait, ITS FINALLY HERE! Our very own Question/Answer with Katy Allen!
Just a note: All these questions we took were from over 150 questions. It was hard to narrow it down, but this is what we decided we liked, and here it is.

I don't know if this is advice, but he told me once that I thought I could do anything I set my mind to. I know this sounds like fluff, but he really meant it when he said it, and so it has really stuck with me.

Katy Allen: Interview with AI Now

AI Now Exclusive: Q&A With Katy Allen
Thursday, 10 December 2009 20:08

     It's easy to forget how much of a life changing experience one's journey on "American Idol" can be. In the matter of weeks, you are taken away from your community, your friends, your family, even your job or school and thrown onto TV's most watched program to be scrutinized by the world. With season eight of the competition here and gone we have heard "American Idol" winner Kris Allen talk about his "Idol" experience and debut album quite frequently. But, very rarely have we seen Kris' wife, Katy, open up to the media. We here at AI Now were lucky enough to experience just that recently. Below you will find Katy's thoughts on Kris' journey on the show, his debut album and what day-to-day life is like with the man who is now a household name. Our sincerest thanks to Katy and everyone at 19 Entertainment for the Q&A.

I really wish "Alright With Me" could be the next single though. Everyone worries whether or not it's good for radio. This is a valid concern, but I think it says the most about Kris' style as an artist.
Yes. His clothes are tighter, his hair is more spiky, and he has become very witty with all his practice on twitter. : )

Katy Allen: An Aspiring Actress

"I remember being like 3, and maybe I was older than that, but I remember being a little girl and watching Shirley Temple and being obsessed with her --- she could sing and tap and and act. I wanted to be like her, except I couldn't sing. "So, I did the dancing and acting." - Arkansas Life Magazine
"I continued that path in high school and collage, and it is a dream I've had all my life."
"She has that ability to draw people to her - she is the one of those people who just draws your attention when she comes into the room" - Rex Austin Barrow
 "She has things she's passionate about. She will start doing those things. I believe in her just like she believes in me." - Kris Allen

Katy Allen: Interview with iheartheels.com

Exclusive Chat! Katy Allen, wife of American Idol Kris Allen
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

With the American Idol tour starting this weekend, it's amazing I had some time to catch up with Katy Allen, wife of winner, Kris Allen. Of course, I was crazy-excited to get a chance to chat fashion with her because Katy has always looked super-chic on the show! So how long does it take her to get ready and how does she shop? I've got the answers for you here (who knew Kris was so picky?!)!

"A flirty dress and flats or boots (I hardly wear heels around him because I don't like to feel taller)"