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Exclusive Chat! Katy Allen, wife of American Idol Kris Allen
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

With the American Idol tour starting this weekend, it's amazing I had some time to catch up with Katy Allen, wife of winner, Kris Allen. Of course, I was crazy-excited to get a chance to chat fashion with her because Katy has always looked super-chic on the show! So how long does it take her to get ready and how does she shop? I've got the answers for you here (who knew Kris was so picky?!)!

"A flirty dress and flats or boots (I hardly wear heels around him because I don't like to feel taller)"
I am most happy when I am wearing my...  
Riding boots - They are so comfortable and worn in - I wear them way too much.

My favorite drugstore beauty brand is... 
Revlon - I love their eyeliner!

I am absolutely addicted to...  
My eyelash curler - I have the straightest lashes.

Three designer clothing brands I drool over are...
Catherine Malandrino, Alice and Olivia and Milly!
I own __pairs of jeans.  
I have no idea...but I have about five I tend to wear the most. 

If I could be a shoe, I would be a...
Gladiator sandal; trendy but casual. : ) 

My typical morning routine takes about ____minutes. 
An hour - or more if I'm really doing my hair because it's so long!
Perfect Hair
When it comes to style, I like to...  
Be comfortable but also take some risks!

My worst beauty habit is...  
Going to bed with eye makeup on when I'm really tired.

For a night out to dinner with Kris I might wear... 
A flirty dress and flats or boots 
(I hardly wear heels around him because I don't like to feel taller).
or at the day...
When I shop for Kris, I generally buy... 
Nothing! He has a stylist that does MUCH better than me! : ) 
Kris is actually really picky so it's hard to shop for him.
"Yes! I remember one time I picked out an outfit for a top 36 photo shoot, and he wouldn't wear it and said I was trying to change him. Then the stylist picked out the same outfit and he had to wear it. : )" - Interview with AINow
 My fav celebrity's style is probably...   
Nicole Richie - I love how effortlessly and uniquely she dresses.


Thanks for your time, Katy! Best of luck with everything - we hope to bump into you in the shoe department sometime. - xoxo


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